Bechstein Factory tour

Bechstein factory

What we learnt on our tour around the Hoffmann and Bechstein factory tours

This is not mass production-each Bechstein piano is constructed from carefully chosen materials, aiming to create unique piano models that once assembled by a single skilled worker are set up to their full potential by a hugely experienced technician. This is true of both brands. Perhaps other brands share some physical specifications, but what sets these pianos apart is the time spent on getting the most out of each individual instrument by the final regulation and voicing before leaving the factory.

Continuous research and development ensure investment is put back into the company in order to improve the pianos all the time. A company that is continuously on a mission to create the perfect piano by experimenting with different materials and construction methods to improve their already high-quality instruments.

The above points ensure that for whichever budget, a piano chosen from the Hoffmann or Bechstein range is almost certainly going to be the best value.  And together with this, Bechstein see the importance of training technicians all over the world to continue to keep their pianos, and in fact all types of pianos at their best. This shows their passion for the piano and forward-thinking to ensure the best future for this marvellous instrument!

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Bechstein factory - building a grand piano

So although our Hoffman and Bechstein factory tours took us through the processes taken to make these quality pianos, such as long resting times; skilled woodworking techniques (such as the planning of the soundboard on C. Bechstein models and dovetailing joints for maximum strength); careful selection of woods and bracing to create resonance/certain tone qualities, the main message we learnt was the company’s focus and determination to create a range of pianos that are best in their class through the skills of technicians.

Even walking around the factory showed us a workforce, not motivated by completing a maximum number of units but getting every piano right.

Looking for a Bechstein Piano?

Bechstein pianos are such top quality instruments that are almost always worth restoring and getting up to top playing capabilities, whatever their age! At our Bristol Piano Workshops, we are able to carry out any work from re-polishing to complete rebuilds.  We are able to source genuine Bechstein parts, fit new actions or overhaul and regulate old actions, re-string or renovate soundboards.

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