Meinl Percussion at Mickleburgh

A leading manufacturer of percussion instruments, Meinl manufacture a vast range of high-quality instruments such as cymbalscajonsbongosdjembes, maracastambourines and many more percussion instruments and accessories.

The materials used are of extremely high quality – this is definitely heard and felt when played by either the amateur or professional musicians.

Meinl Percussion

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Meinl Percussion


Sonic Energy

Be inspired by our collection of beautiful, carefully crafted instruments from the Meinl’s Sonic Energy range.

Used in therapy by many practitioners to help with stress management, anxiety relief, insomnia, depression, addictive recovery and pain management.



Meinl pride themselves on being Eco-friendly to the planet by using wood from environmentally controlled wood plantations in Thailand and Indonesia and the have full compliance with the Timber Legality Assurance System (SVKL).


Meinl Nino are quality instruments are specifically designed for children with an emphasis on early years education and percussion for the classroom.

The range is also perfectly suited for Music Therapy and for musical activities inside the home  – Explore our educational Percussion range designed for classrooms and extracurricular activities.