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Acoustic Guitars

Mickleburgh have everything you need relating to acoustic guitars for sale online and in store. Browse and shop our range here, from brands including Fender, Tanglewood, Sigma and many more!

Many of our guitars, including the one you see here, are also available to try in store.

We also stock a range of guitar accessories to accompany your new or existing acoustic guitar.

About Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar is a stringed musical instrument, which is played by being plucked or strummed typically using the finger or with a pick. Acoustic guitars are used in a range of music styles and genres. As the name suggests the instrument produces sound acoustically, although this can differ on more contemporary variations of the instrument, which feature pickups. This allows musicians to plug them into an amplifier, just like with an electric guitar. Electro-acoustic guitars combine this capability with the sound produced by an acoustic guitar. There are a number of variations of the acoustic guitar, some of the most well-known include the classical guitar (sometimes known as the Spanish guitar), the dreadnaught, the parlour and the jumbo.