why buy a c. bechstein piano from mickleburgh?

C. Bechstein Pianos
  • Our technicians are not only very experienced working on all brands of piano but have received training by Bechstein’s own technical department.  This training is ongoing and includes topics such as Set-ups, Regulation and Voicing. This ensures we can look after your Bechstein piano at a high standard over years to come.  As a long established family owned piano shop, you can be assured of continuous service and quality of care.
  • Our piano specialists have visited the Bechstein group factories and seen the quality craftsmanship put into building these fine instruments.  Therefore we have a detailed insight into the range and can offer the best advice.  Read about our factory tour visit.
  • Due to our expansive piano showroom, you can come and try a broad spectrum of instruments from the Bechstein group and compare them to other makers.  We are open Mon-Sat 9am-5.30pm and there is always a piano specialist happy to offer advice.
  • All our pianos include free delivery and first tuning in your home.
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Hand built with precision to detail. These are masterpieces that encompass the ideal colourful sound and perfect action that renders every nuance.

Bechstein’s research and development department ensure continual investment is made into the quality of the instrument.

C. Bechstein Academy logo

Top quality pianos with a professional touch and rich sound. These instruments are suitable for all settings and musical genres.

Great craftsmanship is paired with state-of-the-art technology and German engineering.

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For all pianists looking for a robust piano which produces that distinctive European sound and beautiful tone.

They have managed to merge traditional craftsmanship with efficient manufacturing to produce quality pianos at superb value.


These pianos are designed to the specifications of Bechstein’s research and development department, meaning they are beginner pianos of real quality.

They are produced in China on a production line under stringent quality management ensuring they are reliable and robust.

The Vario Digital system

C. Bechstein-vario

For those wanting to practice with headphones, the Vario Silent System stops the hammer heads hitting the keys and renders a digital sound sample of the C. Bechstein D282 concert grand piano.

Quality sensors and advanced mute rail ensure a responsive touch and minimal key noise.

Available on C. Bechstein, Bechstein and Hoffmann models.

See additional cost for factory fitting on Upright and Grand Pianos.

Bechstein Saylan
C. Bechstein Concert upright

Looking to restore a Bechstein Piano?

Bechstein pianos are such top quality instruments that are almost always worth restoring and getting up to top playing capabilities, whatever their age!

At our Bristol Piano Workshop we are able to carry out any work from re-polishing to complete rebuilds.

We are able to source genuine Bechstein parts, fit new actions or overhaul and regulate old actions, re-string or renovate soundboards.

Email workshop@mickleburgh.co.uk or call our workshop on 0117 9241151 to find out more.



Connect your acoustic piano to the digital world. 

Practice with a metronome, record your piano playing, and share as audio or MIDI file (via iMessage, Email, WhatsApp etc).

You can also process your files using a large variety of music apps.

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Bechstein vario app

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In your appointment, you are free to try out any of the pianos in our showroom. Should you need any assistance, an expert will be on hand to offer advice around any of our pianos and answer any questions you may have.

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