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NEW Workout/Practice Books for Groups!

Practice like never before…workout!  Anyone who believes that practicing scales and triads was never more than a compulsory exercise is proven wrong with this new Groove Connection series which offers an exciting musical workout for players of all levels. The series features a tried and tested concept for individual, group and ensemble teaching where scales and arpeggios are […]

URTEXT! What does it mean?

Watch The Barenreiter Film and get an insight into the editorial and production process of an Urtext edition by Barenreiter!   Until the early 20th century performers and music teachers were principally concerned with handing on to students and posterity their understanding of great works in editions including their own performance instructions and editorial changes with regard […]

Faber Teach & Play Catalogue

Faber have produced this interesting catalogue with thought-provoking articles from distinguished educational authors such as Paul Harris and Pam Wedgewood.  Also features an insight into the best of Faber’s instrumental/ singing beginners repertoire and learning books. Download Faber’s New Teach and Play Catalogue We’ve also a copy in store to read!