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One of the leading brands of acoustic guitars, Martin Guitars come with a strong heritage and reputation with an over 100 years worth of innovation carefully crafted into every guitar they produce.

Acoustic guitars from Martin offer quality, value for money and above an incredible and versatile instrument, every musician will love.

Cited by many as the pioneer of the modern guitar, Martin are responsible for many of the common design features you will find on an acoustic guitar today.

Some of Martins most significant innovations include the Dreadnought body style and scalloped bracing, as well as the 14th fret neck joint and the X Frame bracing pattern which you will find on many typical modern acoustic guitar models.

Martin guitars have a long history of producing quality guitars which is why we’ve chosen to stock these at the top of our Acoustic Guitar range here at Mickleburgh’s. Martin & Co has been committed to updating product designs and manufacturing methods since 1833, in order to produce the finest instruments possible.

We’ve chosen to stock the Mexican range from Martin that feature:

  • Great projection and tone quality
  • Classic looks and sound at an affordable price
  • Sustainably sourced solid wood tops
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-pressure laminated wood used for the back & sides

X SERIES – These guitars look and sound similar to a highly collectable Martin but are priced within reach of every aspiring guitarist. Modern features include necks that are made from layers of laminate which provides strength and an original, great looking fanning effect at the heel.

ROAD SERIES – Stage ready guitars with solid tops for tour-worthy tone. This range is made with strength and affordability in mind. All models include a hard case.

LITTLE MARTIN – Martin’s smallest guitars that are big on tone. Ideal for travelling or just playing around the house! Affordable, high quality & versatile.

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