Kawai K-300 Aures Hybrid Upright Piano

Mickleburgh are delighted to introduce the incredible new Kawai K300 Aures.

The Kawai K300 Aures is an upright hybrid piano, identical to the Kawai K300 premium acoustic upright piano but has the additional benefit of the built-in Aures Hybrid Technology.


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Kawai K-300 Aures Hybrid Upright Piano

A great mid-range priced piano at excellent value. The K-300 is a reliable piano with a bigger sound than the K-200. It builds upon the success of its award winning predecessor, the K-3, that was named Acoustic Piano of the Year in four consecutive years. The K-300 proudly extends this distinguished legacy.

Features of the K300 include Kawai’s Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites; Double Felted, Mahogany Core Hammers; a Soft Fall Fallboard closing system protecting your hands, fingers and the pianos finish from the harm that a jarring close may cause. This model is 48 Height, incredibly popular for Home or Studio to get the resonating sound and tone required for improving pianists.

The sound of hammers striking strings, resonating through solid spruce and the warm vibrations that illuminate a room leaving its audience enchanted cannot be created on a digital piano. The natural voice of an acoustic piano is truly unmistakable.

A fine piano entices musicians to perform with spontaneity and passion, yet such unbridled expressiveness may not always be appropriate. Indeed, in certain environments, an acoustic piano can prove disruptive; the diligent tones of children practising scales are unlikely to be welcomed by other family members wishing to watch television, while even the most gentle, soothing Chopin preludes have the potential to irritate neighbours if performed after an acceptable time.

The hybrid technology of this acoustic piano gives you the ability to play with a digital sound that can be turned down or listened through headphones. The K-300 AURES model gives you all the features from a digital piano, without needing to use headphones or an external amplifier like other silent systems. AURES instruments are equipped with a transducer on the soundboard that allows it to deliver digital audio.- The digital sound produced by the soundboard is enhanced by the unique harmonic properties of solid spruce wood, furthering the benefit of a hybrid piano over a digital instrument.

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