The Guitarist's Way Book 2

The Guitarists Way continues to be the most popular children’s guitar tutor 

In this book you will find: new rhythms involving quavers and dotted crotchets, bass notes, two-note chords, sharps & flats, easy free stroke, position changing, fifth position and lots of great pieces


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Book Two will move the student into new areas of technique and musicianship, whilst reinforcing the skills learned in Book One.  Discover quavers, dotted rhythms and two-note chords, as well as shaps, flats and naturals.  The remaining bass notes are introduced through a series of carefully graded melodies.  Then move on to a few higher notes, combined with some simple position changing.


Throughout this book, many pieces can be combined as duets of ensemble items.  There are also many exciting solo pieces, and strummed chords may be used to accompany several of them.  Phrase marks are omitted for the sake of clarity, but may added to according to personal preference. 

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