125 Easy Classical Studies for Flute

Vester’s famous collections of studies are an ideal introduction to the stylistic aspects of music from the 17th – 20th c.

Selected from the works of famous flautists such as Devienne, Böhm and Köhler, Vester’s compilations are quite unique and are standard repertoire.


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A collection of studies for the beginner consisting of technical and melodic studies chosen from ten classical flute instruction books.  Nearly all the studies are short, a great advantage for the beginner.  


There are no breathing marks indicated.  Experience shows that it is more profitable for the student to discover these for himself or, in cases of doubt, in collaboration with his teacher.  It will help the student to develop his own sense of phrasing.



  • Devienne, François: Nr. 58-60, 65, 66, 77-80 aus “Méthode pour la Flute”
  • Drouet, Louis François Philippe: Nr. 125 aus “Méthode pour la Flute”
  • Fürstenau, Anton Bernhard: Nr. 90-92, 115 aus “Flötenschule op. 42”
  • Gariboldi, Giuseppe: Nr. 1-3, 13-15, 48, 49 aus “Méthode complète de Flute op. 128”
  • Hugot, Antoine: Nr. 68-74, 97-101, 105-108, 114 from “Méthode de Flute du Conservatoire”
  • Köhler, Ernesto: Nr. 4-6, 22-26, 56, 57 aus “Schlule für Flöte”
  • Nicholson, Charles: Nr. 109-112, 116-124 aus “C. Nicholson’s School for the Flute”
  • Popp, Wilhelm: Nr. 7-12, 16-21, 27-33, 39-43, 50-55, 61, 81-86, 93-96, 102-104 aus “Erster Flötenunterricht op. 387”
  • Soussmann, Heinrich: Nr. 34-38, 44-47, 87-89, 113 aus “Grosse Praktische Flötenschule op. 53”
  • Tromlitz, Johann Georg: Nr. 62-64, 67, 75, 76 aus “Ueber die Flöte mit mehrern Kleppen etc.”

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