Yamaha Acoustic Pianos

Yamaha Upright Pianos

Yamaha Upright

Yamaha make 3 series of upright pianos. The B Series range are perfect for those being introduced to the piano and need a quality practice instrument to get them through the first grades.  The P Series offers a step-up in quality to include solid spruce soundboards for enhanced tone and a keyboard action designed to give quick response.  The U Series are perfect for education establishments, professionals, and the discerning home pianist.  These world-class pianos offer excellent resonance and touch to make them a joy to play.

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Yamaha Grand Pianos

Yamaha grand piano

Yamaha combine expert craftsmanship with precision production techniques and well thought out components to produce exquisitely resonant grand pianos.  The GB1 is Yamaha’s entry model that provides a well-made, resonant grand in a compact baby grand size for smaller budgets. The CX range of grands strive for perfection in tone; they have evolved through a process of refinement for over 125 years. Choose the CX range for a sparkling tone and crisp sound.  For a more affordable piano, Yamaha produce the GC range which strives to achieve the rich tonal character of the C Series pianos with cost saving materials and production techniques.

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Yamaha Hybrid Pianos

Yamaha Hybrid Acoustic Piano

Our range of hybrid pianos include the Transacoustic and their Silent Range that combines the best features of a digital with the unrivalled sound and feel of an acoustic piano.

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Disklavier Pianos

Player pianos – the Disklavier pianos contain a sophisticated system that allows recording and playback of the acoustic piano alongside orchestras, bands or artists of your choice!

The Disklavia range is great for schools, recording studios, businesses such as hotels & clubs, or for entertainment in the home.

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Second-Hand Pianos

second hand Yamaha piano

We stock a range of Yamaha second-hand pianos in our Bristol store.  Yamaha pianos last for years.  We service them in our long established workshops to make sure they’re in top playing condition.  Parts such as loops in the action and felts are replaced where needed and they all come with a 6-month guarantee so you can buy top brands second hand with peace of mind.

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Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha Clavinova

Yamaha’s Clavinova digital piano range was one of the first on the market and as they continually improve their specifications, Yamaha continues to be one of the leaders in the digital piano market today. 

The Clavinova brings subtle tonal shadings combined with a broad and dynamic range typically expected from a concert grand piano – all in the privacy of your home.

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Yamaha Arius

Yamaha’s most affordable piano for hobbyists and students alike.  Find slim designs, Yamaha’s acclaimed CFX concert grand sound, a weighted and scaled keyboard and connect with apps to inspire your musical journey further.

The Arius range provides great acoustic piano feel and sound, along with digital recording, headphone jacks, and a variety of voices.

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Yamaha’s AvantGrand series is a hybrid digital piano that combines the actions of an acoustic piano with the best in digital sound. 

More than 5,000 genuine action components combine to deliver an authentic piano experience. Producing the sound and feel of an acoustic piano with the functionality and convenience of a digital piano in one incredible instrument. 

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