Second Hand Acoustic Pianos

Please see below a list of our current second hand pianos for sale or rental.  Pianos are offered subject to remaining unsold, and prices include V.A.T., delivery and first tuning.  If you are interested in any of the pianos or wish to speak to us further please call us on 0117 9241151 or email 

All our second hand pianos are serviced or reconditioned in our in-house workshops and include a 6 month warranty.

KembleWindsor uprightCherry satin £ 3,599.00£97.00
MickleburghuprightMahogany £ 1,199.00£33.00
KembleMinx uprightWalnut£ 1,199.00£33.00
Challen988Mahogany£ 1,250.00£34.00
BentleyuprightMahogany£ 1,299.00£36.00
MickleburghuprightMahogany polyester£ 1,299.00£36.00
Barratt & RobinsonuprightMahogany£ 1,299.00£36.00
OffenbachDU-4 UprightPolyester mahogany£ 1,350.00£37.00
ZenderuprightMahogany£ 1,449.00£40.00
AstorPE9 c1996Mahogany£ 1,450.00£40.00
KembleuprightMahogany£ 1,499.00£41.00
KnightuprightPolyester mahogany£ 1,599.00£44.00
KembleClassic UprightLight Oak£1,799.00£49.00
KnightuprightOak£ 1,799.00£49.00
Woodchester (Bristol)uprightMahogany£ 1,799.00£49.00
BrinsmeaduprightMahogany£ 1,950.00£54.00
YamahaM5JPolyester Mahogany£ 1,999.00£55.00
KembleWoburn 88 note c1991Satin Mahogany£ 1,999.00£55.00
KembleCB10 c2002Satin black£ 2,199.00£60.00
KembleClassic 7 Oct. c1996Polyester black£ 2,250.00£62.00
WelmaruprightMahogany£ 2,499.00£69.00
YamahaU1APolyester black£ 2,599.00£71.00
Witton & WittonT131Polyester mahogany£ 2,799.00£77.00
WoodchesterUpright with AD Silent system fittedSatin mahogany£ 2,999.00£82.00
YamahaU3H c1974Polyester black£ 3,499.00£96.00
KembleWindsor uprightCherry satin £ 3,599.00£97.00
KawaiK30 c2009Polyester black£ 3,699.00£102.00
YamahaU1H c1980Polyester black£ 3,899.00£107.00
YamahaU3A c1984Polyester black£ 3,999.00£110.00
C.BechsteinUpright c1894Rosewood with inlay£ 3,999.00£110.00
BluthnerUpright c1908 with Silent SystemRosewood£ 4,999.00£137.00
C.BechsteinModel 3 Upright c1901Rosewood£ 4,999.00£137.00
YamahaU3 c2010Polyester black£ 5,999.00£165.00
SteinwayModel K c1923Rosewood£ 6,499.00£179.00
YamahaU3 silent c2005Polyester black£ 6,999.00£192.00
RonischGrandBurr Walnut£ 7,500.00£206.00
BechsteinModel BBlack£ 8,999.00£247.00
BechsteinModel A twin leg Grand c1897Polyester mahogany£ 9,999.00£275.00
YamahaG3 6’1” Grand c1975Polyester black£ 9,999.00£275.00
YamahaC3 6’1” Grand c1970Polyester black£11,499.00£316.00
YamahaC3 6’1” Grand c1984Polyester black£11,999.00£330.00
BechsteinB124 Style with Vario Silent SystemPolyester black£14,400.00£396.00
SteinwayModel O 5’10” Grand c1922Ebonised£15,000.00£412.00
C.BechsteinModel B 6’8” Grand c1904Rosewood£16,999.00£467.00
YamahaC7 7’4″ GrandPolyester black£17,999.00£495.00
BosendorferGrand c1923Mahogany£19,999.00£550.00
SteinwayModel O 5’10” Grand c1903Polyester rosewood£27,999.00£770.00
YamahaCFIIIS Concert Grand c1986Polyester black£35,000.00£962.00

Abbreviations are: S/S = Straight Strung; O/S = Over Strung;  O/D = Over Damped;  U/D = Under Damped
Stocks changing regularly

Pianos are offered subject to remaining unsold, and prices include V.A.T., delivery and first tuning.

Stocks changing regularly.