Sing Together! (Appleby)

A wonderful collection of one hundred traditional unison songs with piano accompaniments.


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The Noble Duke of York
My Father’s Garden
My Aunt Jemima
Skip to my Lou
Jim Along Josie
Wood: Spring Song
The Merry Cobbler
The Riddle
Green and White
John Smith, Fellow Fine
Come Home Now
The Gay Musician
The Fox’s Song
Anna Marie
Michael Finnigin
This Old Man
The Keeper
Ten in the Bed
One Man Went to Mow
There was a Jolly Miller
Boney was a Warrior
Down in Demerara
Donkey Riding
What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor?
Fire Down Below
The Farmyard
Scraping Up Sand
The Shepherdess
The Little Boy and the Sheep
Bobby Shafto
The Cobbler and the Crow
The Barnyard Song
Turn the Glasses Over
Green Grow the Leaves
Foster: Oh, Susanna
The Animals Went in Two by Two
Li’l Liza Jane
Sally Brown
The Smuggler’s Song
Rio Grande
Sweet Nightingale
Leave Her, Johhny
Pretty Polly Oliver
Robin Adair
O Rare Turpin
Hook: The Lass of Richmond Hill
The Lincolnshire Poacher
I’s The B’y That Builds the Boat
John Barleycorn
Hope, The Hermit
Fisherman’s Night Song
Farewell, Manchester
Faithful Johnny
Dunhill: Elsie Marley
Early One Morning
Captain Morgan’s March
The Cuckoo
The British Grenadiers
Cockles and Mussels
Barbara Allen
Charlie is my Darling
Cader Idris
Blow Away the Morning Dew
Afton Water
The Ash Grove
Golden Slumbers
The Tree in the Wood
Green Grow the Rushers, Ho!
Work: Marching Through Georgia
John Brown’s Body
Jennie Jenkins
Foster: Camptown Races
Ye Banks and Braes
The Wraggle Taggle Gipsies
Will Ye No Come Back Again?
Ravenscroft: We Be Three Poor Mariners
Cowan: Waltzing Matilda
The Vicar of Bray
Song of the Western Men
The Oak and the Ash
My Bonny Cuckoo
The Minstrel Boy
The Miller of Dee
The Mermaid
Men of Harlech
The Mallow Fling
Scott: Loch Lomond
High Germany
Boyce: Heart of Oak
The Flight of the Earls
Drink to me Only
Whitaker: Darby Kelly
Bonnie Dundee
Davy: The Bay of Biscay

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