Seymour Duncan Hot Rails Tele Pick-Up Set

High output single-coil-size “rails” humbucker. Great for classic rock, garage, punk, heavy rock, thrash, classic metal and nu-metal.


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Fire up your Telecaster© with these high-output Rails humbuckers, sized to directly replace single-coil-size Tele© pickups with no guitar modification.

Hot Rails™ deliver a fat, full sound–just like a full-size humbucker–turning your Tele® into a raw, chunky powerhouse perfect for classic rock, indie rock, garage, punk, thrash, and metal.

The Hot Rails™ for Tele© Set combines the STHR-1b bridge pickup and STHR-1n neck pickup. Each has a powerful ceramic magnet, two steel blades, and over-wound coils, all working together to provide a heavy, raw, distorted tone with incredible sustain.

Complete setup :
Matches well with a hot distortion pedal like the SFX-04 Twin Tube Mayhem or the SFX-08 Power Grid

Guitars :
For all well-balanced instruments. Works equally well with maple and rosewood fingerboards.

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