Schumann: Sonatas for violin and piano Vol 1

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Schumann’s Violin Sonatas were taken up with enthusiasm very soon after they were first performed. The Second Sonata was described at the time as “Second only to Beethoven’s Sonata in A”. Sonatas Op. 105 and Op. 121 are now presented in the first volume of this Wiener Urtext edition. It is based on the score in the new complete Schumann edition, which draws not only upon the authorised first editions of both works, but also upon Schumann’s working manuscripts and – in the case of the 2nd Sonata – the score used by the engravers and extensive correspondence between the composer and the original publishers. Meticulous comparison of these original documents has made it possible to determine numerous details regarding dynamics and articulation. Schumann’s autograph manuscript has been of significant help in this respect.

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