Nuvo N420T Various Colours TooT

Nuvo Toot and carrying bag. Various colours available.

The Nuvo TooT is a bridge instrument, ideally suited to young musicians who are looking to take the next musical step towards the flute. Similar in nature to the fife, Nuvo TooT has a slightly wider bore which allows the instrument to be a little shorter and brings the tone holes closer to the body – great for shorter arms! The TooT also features four double holes to allow for easier chromatic playing.


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2 in stock

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Pitched in C (concert pitch)
100 waterproof
Comparable to fife, but with additional double holes
Lightweight polymer construction with rubberised head joint
Straight head joint
FirstNote lip plate allows easy note production from the start
Supplied with FirstNote and standard lip plates, TooT fingering chart and case
Weight: 109g

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