Meinl KA9-M Medium Natural Kalimba

An ergonomically shaped natural coloured kalimba. Tuned to a, c, c, a, c A f, e, e, b.


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1 in stock

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MEINL Kalimbas are great sounding melodic instruments with unique features. Solid construction, plated steel keys and an ergonomic shape makes them dependable musical tools. This Kalimba is made for comfort. Nine wide steel nibs are specially designed to disperse the pressure on the fingertips. The result is a comfortable Kalimba with an uncompromising sound.

Size: Medium – a- c- c- a- A f- e- e- b-
Material:Rubber Wood (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.); Chrome plated steel Black powder die casting
Features: Ergonomically shaped
Colour: Natural

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