Martin Silk and Steel Guitar String Set

Martin Authentic Silk & Steel MA130S


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If youGÇÖre looking for some extra protection for your fine guitar, Authentic Acoustic Silked strings are the right choice for you. WeGÇÖve added a soft silk wrap to the ball ends of our Authentic Acoustic strings to prevent wear and tear on the bridge and bridge plate as you play. Our silk wrap puts a comforting layer of protection in place every time you change your strings. Available in 80/20 Bronze and 92/8 Phosphor Bronze. Martin Authentic Acoustic Marquis-« Silked strings offer thread wrapping for bridge protection, corrosion resistance and excellent tuning stability.
Custom Gauges:
E1 – .0115
B2 – .014
G3 – .023
D4 – .028
A5 – .038
E6 – .047

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