Hohner Superforce 37 Black Melodica

HOHNER invented the melodica decades ago and it quickly became a featured instrument in so many genres. They’ve long lost their stigma of being a “children’s toy”, and have gained their place amongst ‘serious’ instruments, especially in Reggae, Jazz, and Pop music. Even in Rock and Blues you’ll be able to hear that typical melodica sound and, whether it’s live on stage or on a recording, the melodica just manages to add that little something to the mix. With the Superforce Series, Hohner present a range of instruments for advanced and professional players. They combine a cool, stage-worthy look with a powerful sound suitable for live and studio performances.


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1 in stock

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  • 37 Keys
  • Note Range: F3-F6
  • Angled Standard Mouthpiece
  • Padded, Zip-Up Gig Gag with Strap
  • No Batteries or Cables Needed!

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