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We stock a wide variety of drums and other percussion instruments including acoustic drum kits, bongos, djembes plus many more. Our wide variety of drums have been expertly picked to cater for drummers of all styles.

More About Drum Kits…

The drum kit, a collection of drums or percussion instruments designed to be played by a single player at one time. They are most commonly played by striking the instrument with drumsticks. Some of the most common components of a standard modern drum kit include a snare drum, bass drum, toms, hi-hats and cymbals. The two main variants of the modern drum kits are fusion and rock (sometimes known as standard) sets. The key differences are largely around size and the sounds they produce. As fusion drum kits are developed from jazz fusion music they tend to produce a more resonant sound, whilst rock drums produce a ‘bigger’ sound, due to their size. If you need a hand finding the perfect drum kit for you, why not give us a call or come in store to try one of our wide range of drum kits.