Guitar Tuners

Guitar Tuners come in a number of variations, for both electric and acoustic guitars. We stock a few different types of tuners for different requirements. Whether you are a beginner, just need the occasional tune-up, or a professional or gigging musician, needing a portable tuner you can use between songs we’ll have the perfect tuner to get your guitar sounding 10/10 every time.

Guitar tuners are an essential piece of equipment, no matter what your playing style and level of experience. Even for beginners, it is important to have your instrument in tune and at the desired pitch in order to practise playing effectively and improve your technique.

We stock guitar tuners from a number of brands, including Korg, Boss, Fender, Tanglewood and TGI.

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About Guitar Tuners

A guitar tuner is a device used by guitarists of all levels from beginners and professional musicians. These devices allow the musician to tune their guitar to the desired pitch of musical notes – pitch being the highness or lowness of a musical note. Tuners whether digital or analogue indicate whether the pitch of the instrument is higher, lower or equal to the required pitch for that particular note.

Types of Guitar Tuners

Tuner pedals tend to be used by live performers and professional musicians, due to the ease and speed. These devices enable you to tune your guitar at the press of a button, between songs.

Clip-on tuners are the perfect device for the acoustic guitarist.  Clip-on tuners are very convenient and portable, allowing you to tune your guitar from anywhere.

We also stock, handheld tuners, these are perfect for tuning on the go, as they can be used from anywhere.

What is a Guitar Tuner?

A guitar tuner is a vital piece of equipment for every guitarist, but what do they do?

As the name would suggest, a guitar tuner, tunes your instrument up to a specific pitch. The device measures the frequencies produced by the string’s vibrations on an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. The standard frequency for modern music is 440Hz. All instruments tuned to this frequency will play notes sounding ‘in-tune’ with one another.