Our Tour of the Legendary Bechstein Factory

Front of the Bechstein piano factory in Germany

What we learnt on our tour around the Hoffmann and Bechstein factory tours This is not mass production-each Bechstein piano is constructed from carefully chosen materials, aiming to create unique piano models that once assembled by a single skilled worker are set up to their full potential by a hugely experienced technician. This is true [more…]

Piano and Keyboard Buying Guide

piano buying guide

Confused about all the different types of pianos and keyboard instruments available? Want to understand the difference between keyboards, digital pianos, hybrid pianos, silent pianos, trans-acoustic pianos, and acoustic pianos!? We’re here to help you understand the different terms and find out which instrument is the best for you. Here’s the rundown…. Acoustic Pianos Acoustic pianos [more…]

Question About Your Mickleburgh Piano?

Mickleburgh Acoustic Piano

Your Questions Answered – Mickleburgh Piano’s Here is one of the most common Mickleburgh Piano related questions we receive. We hope our answer shed’s some light and helps you, just like it did for this Mickleburgh customer… I have a beautiful walnut Mickleburgh Upright piano which I have owned for 21 years. My piano tuner was extremely [more…]

New: Workout & Practice Books for Groups!

Practice like never before…workout!  of practice books for groupsAnyone who believes that practising scales and triads was never more than a compulsory exercise is proven wrong with this new Groove Connection series of practice books for groups which offers an exciting musical workout for players of all levels. The series features a tried and tested concept for the [more…]